BattleFly is currently in: Season 2
BattleFly takes place over the course of seasons.
Each new season introduces new features that evolve the gameplay and advance the story of BattleFly.
Players who dominate a season of BattleFly should not assume that the next season will bring the same performance and rewards by default.

Season 2

New in Season 2

New Lost Silo Mods
Season 2 of BattleFly introduces many new exciting changes including:
  • The Lost Silo Expansion with 100+ Mods to shake up the strategic landscape of BattleFly
  • The XP Track - Gain XP by battling and opening Loot Caches. Choose between the Free Track and the Rewards Pass Track when earning XP to decide how your BattleFly progresses. Both Tracks allow you to select Traits for your BattleFly as you level it up but only the Rewards Pass Track provides special bonus rewards at every level.
  • New Traits System - Traits are now strategically selected by players when leveling up their BattleFly with rarer Flys no longer receiving a higher number of Traits to ensure balance across rarities.

Season 2 Resets

  • At the beginning of Season 2 all BattleFlys will drop a single rank allowing players to prove their skill in the new season.
  • At the beginning of each season, Nectar balances will be reset or partially reset. For Season 2 a maximum of 100,000 Nectar can be carried over from Season 1.
  • Any unopened Loot Caches from Season 1 will be auto-opened and credited to your account.