Playing Colosseum

Instructions on how to play Colosseum.

What is BattleFly Colosseum?

BattleFly Colosseum is a live dynamic draft tournament where players compete to assemble the ultimate fighting machine. Build a unique BattleFly each tournament from hundreds of Mods, using synergy and counterplay to crush your opponents.

Casual vs Competitive Colosseum

The core difference between Casual and Competitive games are the entry fees and available prizes.

Casual games cost 500 Nectar or 1 MAGIC to enter with prizes of:

  • 1st: 1 Mod Pack Credit + 1 Casual Colosseum Credit + 500 Nectar

  • 2nd: 1 Casual Colosseum Credit + 500 Nectar

  • 3rd: 500 Nectar

  • 4th: 300 Nectar

  • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th: 150 Nectar

Competitive games cost 5 MAGIC to enter with prizes of:

  • 1st: 17.5 MAGIC + 1 Mod Pack Credit

  • 2nd: 10 MAGIC

  • 3rd: 5 MAGIC

  • 4th: 2.5 MAGIC

How to Play Colosseum

You are not required to own a BattleFly NFT to play Colosseum, players receive a free soulbound Colosseum BattleFly the first time they connect their web3 wallet. Colosseum BattleFlys have four Loadout slots and four Inventory slots, and start the game with four random Core Mods.

The game flow is as follows:

  1. Queue: Enter the queue for a Competitive or Casual game; the game will immediately start once the eight person queue is filled.

  2. Assembly Phase: Each player receives eight Colosseum Mod Packs containing three Mods in each. Players choose one Mod from each pack (or choose to pass) which is added to their Loadout or Inventory. Players are given a total of four minutes to work through all eight Packs.

  3. Qualifiers: Each player will play seven rounds during Qualifiers - one match against each of the other players in the tournament. The best four players will advance to the Playoffs. Ties are settled by head-to-head record then total tournament damage.

  4. Playoffs: Playoffs begin with Player 1 pitted against Player 4 and Player 2 pitted against Player 3. The winners of these games will then battle to determine 1st and 2nd place with the losers battling to decide 3rd and 4th place.

Between all Qualifiers and Playoffs rounds players will be able to view their opponents collection of Mods. At the end of Rounds 2, 5 and 7 in the Qualifiers, players will open a Boosted Colosseum Mod Pack to optionally replace an existing Mod in their Loadout or Inventory.

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